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What is LocalTender™?

LocalTender is a logical extension of today's 'push-pull' bargain-driven local consumer loyalty and marketing trends.

When a merchant extends its barter-credit as partial payment for the ADMAX unified-media campaign, all or a portion of the merchant's barter will be converted by ADMAX to 'scrip' (a form of gift certificate) - new and repeat customers for that merchant will seek out the economic advantage of frequenting such favored businesses.

Consumers visiting the LocalTender.com community portal will review and select from various local businesses whose goods and services can be often be immediately purchased at substantial savings - LocalTender brand 'scrip' for a specific merchant is metered, priced via a discount and/or a auctioned model, securely purchased and uniquely validated, and downloaded for printout and presentation to the designated merchant.

Example - A consumer searching LocalTender.com for a coffee house and finds that 'Natale's' has $100 available for LocalTender, and for which the consumer wishes to utilize that day or later throughout the week/month - the price of the Natale's LocalTender is determined by discount or auction (undetermined at this writing). For example a purchase value of $100 reflecting a discount of 40% would cost $60 - payment via secure-platform Visa/MC - the LocalTender scrip is then downloaded for printing and presentation. In addition to the availability of LocalTender scrip, many fine local merchants and discounts, along with a host of ancillary services, are to be found at LocalTender.com

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This site is the beta version of LocalTender.com and is meant for demonstration purposes only. The site is not fully functional. For more information about sales, listings, and content, please email AD|MAX LLC